Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hopi Torvald Mix 4

So here's yet another mixtape for your handsome little ears. Once again, just stuff i've been listening to lately. quite a few "long" songs on this one, but relax, gentle listener...chill out and dig. these are all nice tunes for sure.

get it here:


1. gary numan - m.e. (i can't stop listening to this 1979 opus...brilliant)
2. brenda lee - if you love me (really love me)
3. two gospel keys - i don't feel at home in this world anymore
4. able talismans - what was that thing (makes me want to do a new zealand mix..maybe next time)
5. sun city girls - space prophet dogon
6. jacques loussier - generique fin
7. sun ra - satellites are spinning
8. pierre bastien - omajosafir
9. tara jane oneil - howl (first lesbian crush i ever had...she's so amazing. anytime i've chatted with her, i've turned into a blushing blabbering idiot..haha)
10. the homosexuals - neutron lover
11. wire - ex-lion tamer
12. the who - tattoo (been sorta entertaining getting one...had to put this song on here)
13. lo borges - nao foi nada
14. francoise hardy - voila
15. guided by voices - i am a tree
16. tinirawan - oualiha ar tesninam
17. jimmy scott - how deep is the ocean (if you don't know who jimmy scott is, YES, that's a male singing..awesome)
18. the high llamas - track goes by

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