Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hopi Torvald Mix 3

this time, it's a metal mix.

get it here:


1. gnaw their tongues - knife...martyr...despair
2. horna - wikinger
3. volahn - uno con kaos
4. de magia veterum - lifting the bridal veil from misantrophy
5. underjordiska - perished in tragic emotion
6. code - the rattle of black teeth
7. leviathan - massive conspiracy against all life
8. mouth of the architect - buried hopes
9. ophiuchus - fallen statues of virtue
10. coldworld - hymn to eternal frost
11. aderlating - rope, pig's blood, dead flesh and two candles
12. alcest - ecailes de lune (part II)
13. necrofrost - steel forests of my deserted dreams
14. enslaved - ground
15. ayat - the fine art of arroganc, pt. 1 (the icon and the cattle)
16. book of sand - crawling through sand, crawling through earth
17. fen - a witness to the passing of aeons
18. lurker of chalice - this blood falls as mortal pt. III

let me know what's been in YOUR ears lately.
again, if anyone has an issue with any of these songs being up, let me know and i'll take them down.


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