Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hopi Torvald 2011 Almanac - Volume 4 - April


April was a fairly calm month. Things have settled in my noggin a bit more and I have been trying to embrace a more insular approach to life...now living pretty much alone in my bottom sector of the holy almalgamation and tuning it in to my preferred frame of cognition...so this song pretty much sums that up...it's different in a way...tiny, short, concise...two whole minutes...minimal in some regards...this entry is comprised of guitar mostly, with the usual synthy fare and some buried throbs when it gets kinda kicky...

so...april's randomly ordered top ten:

1. playing shows - sous whisky marin, goat farm (as tree creature with robby), upcoming racket at wonderroot and planning a few short jaunts to some neighboring states to wreak hopi havoc on foreign ears.
2. new house situation - as mentioned before, i just took over the bottom floor of the house and am working to situate it to my needs...this including an upgrade to the holy amalgamation setup...new studio monitors and headphones...working to make sure all the mastering/mixing/recordings sound all nice and shiny.
3. new mixing/mastering gigs lined up...love working with other people and helping get their music out there.
4. "replicate" - volume one in the epic bryan lewis saunders 10 - cassette stream of unconsciousness series. just got a batch of these in the mail. they look and sound amazing. so happy to have been a part of it. will absolutely continue working with bryan...
5. new (to me) vintage raleigh bicycle, currently being refurbished and tuned up by mr. mike kane. excited to try it out and to hopefully have a new bike by the end of the week or so...
6. my cat timothy, who graced the house with a live chipmunk over the weekend. i think i shooed it out, but if not, there's a quivering critter hiding somewhere in the back of the amalgamation...
7. these bands/artists: merle haggard, john zorn (the big gundown in particular), sudden infant (who will be coming to atlanta soon, btw), shipping news, gnaw their tongues, whitehouse, more and more mingus, etc etc etc
8. faulkner - what's more difficult than reading one faulker novel? reading two. as i lay dying is the one i take to restaurants and coffee shops, go down moses is the one for bedside reading and long waits...i just picked up two more at book nook today for when i finish these. im shocked at myself for coming into this amazing author so late in the game, but am simply delighted by the material...dense, rich, and immensely southern...awesome.
9. korean spas.
10. sleep. been working on how to get more. new bedroom is daaaaaaark and cozy. here's hoping (hopi-ing).

anyway, hope you enjoy the little ditty. have a great month and do keep in touch.

download the track here: