Sunday, December 5, 2010

Music for an Aerial Performance

These are a set of songs i put together meant to accompany an aerial silks performance.  We performed this at eyedrum at the 1st annual earball!

download the album here:

about the record:

all songs were composed and recorded by nathan brown at the holy amalgamation of his majesty's kingdom on earth using synthesizers, live percussion, violin, vocals, and a slew of field recordings taken from lyra class and the georgia aquarium. final mastering was done by the talented and industrious mr. christopher white (aka magicicada). keeping fairly true to the enead, the songs alone add up to 18 minutes. The intermissions put the whole thing at a whopping 20 minutes, however, so we're straying here just a bit :)

1. 01 (5:06)
2. intermission 1 (0:45)
3. 02 (4:21)
4. intermission 2 (0:47)
5. 03 (4:05)
6. intermission 3 (0:41)
7. 04 (4:37)

trt: 20:20

below are some pics from our live collaboration at eyedrum last month. i am playing synths, piano, violin, and drums. sadie is utilizing the double hammock. click on the images to enlarge.