Friday, October 21, 2011

Hopi Torvald 2011 Almanac - Volume 9 - September

 Hopi Torvald Almanac Vol 9 - September by HopiTorvald

September had bunches of ups and downs...sometimes they were mixed together....although getting an MRI was stressful, it was nice to have good clean results and over 500 pictures of my brain!  i entered in and out of calmness, was able to play a show at 529 with heroes Bryan Lewis Saunders, Sudden Infant, and Mr. Natural and had a blast....that room sounds so good.....and ended the month with a two week bout of the nastiest, most crippling flu.  Mingle all of this with some fun hanging out times, a foot massage, getting to see the Swans (!!!), Secret Chiefs AND three nights of the epic Blast Off Burlesque show at 7 Stages,  and playing bunches of music, and you got yerself a pretty interesting month.

This song was originally created as my live set for the show at 529.  i decided to create a studio version of seems to pretty much serve as a fractalized representation of my time as of late, my headspace, my goals, my's a hefty chunk at a whopping 17 minutes or so...comprised of synths, MRI samples, live and sampled drums and percussion and some vocals...dig on it and play it LOUD.

this month's randomly ordered top 10:

1. playing live and with people who i really dig
2. foot massages
3. the microphones, arnold dreyblatt, bill fay, stars of the lid, terry callier, sun ra (again), john zorn (that blasted morricone album can't be beat), creedence clearwater revival,  etc etc etc...
4. cool(er) weather
5. pho
6. new recording projects and live show opportunities
7. AND   go peruse the wonderful...
8. new shoes
9. surf music at ethiopian restaurants (and the shenanigans therein)
10. buford highway farmers market

anyway, enjoy the tune and stay in touch.