Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hopi Torvald 2011 Almanac - Volume 3 - March

Well, i had a crazy month and although this song was finished a couple of weeks ago, i simply forgot to post it within the actual month of march...grr...anyway, so march was a nutso month...had a lot going on in the ol noggin chassis...evaluations, realizations, compensations...i think i'm learning some things about myself that maybe i wasn't allowing into the forefront of my consciousness previously...if i'm going to be perfectly candid here, i guess i should say that there are some things in there that i really wasn't happy to see. april has already brought a mild rebirth and i am determined to shed some of this outward negativity and replace it with acceptance and optimism.

this song is a little on the gnarly side...definitely a result of the tempest grey matter tsunami i have going on (take note of the astute topical analogy please..this IS an almanac after all). the sounds are comprised of a few things...most recorded at a trapeze workshop for doubles at aerial jam that i attended in early march..the lumbering washing machine that was on before class, the rhythmic panting of mel's dogs, chatting between participants...these things overlain with a pulsing manipulation of crowd banter, some tweaked synth sounds, and a loop i made of myself playing's not the prettiest song in the almanac series by a sight...the metaphoric value of this short (~3 minutes) piece residing in the prominent distorted churn and the buried wandering melodies which i see as a glimmer of optimism...

anyway, that's the nickel tour. this month's randomly ordered top 10:

1.playing a number of shows coming up...wade matthews at goat farm, the fader vixen album release show (happening online april 10th at at 7pm), an upcoming art gallery in castleberry hills, as part of tree creature with magicicada and nomen novem at the goat farm again, and who knows what else...glad to be out and about again.
2. fader vixen - transmitting pulses...finished mastering this album last week...shimmery poppy synth driven songs with catchy melodies and really really nice composition. check it. really happy to work with these very nice people.
3. learning to work with fire in a performance atmosphere...been watching sadie do it for so long and it looked so fun, i just couldn't help it. today i have red burns on my arms from last night's efforts..
4. these bands/artists: bill fay, xtc, nath family, pan american, harrapian night recordings, coil, george harrison etc etc etc
5. roommates leaving. jennie and i have lived together for something like 12's going to be a strange transition. i know why she's moving and it's going to be very good for her for a lot of reasons, but i'll surely miss her.
6. bicycle. im going to buy one soon.
7. actually have a modeling gig coming up...crazy...but true...for dr. sketchy's...yes, people are going to draw me hanging from a suspended hoop.
8. pollen. i have come to the conclusion that i am willing to quietly suffer from this recent bout for the sake of the trees and flowers that are starting to smell so nice out there. saw a pink dogwood yesterday in avondale, smellin lovely and flourishing in the sunshine...not gonna complain.
9. couple of music projects...finished the first song (piano) for a new suite intended for aerial collaboration. working on a show to showcase duets of musicians and performers...also, working on a new album, next month's almanac, and a couple of long overdue collaborations...
10. caldo de pollo. gonna wrap this thing up so i can go eat.

paz. hope you dig the track.

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