Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hopi Torvald Mix 4

So here's yet another mixtape for your handsome little ears. Once again, just stuff i've been listening to lately. quite a few "long" songs on this one, but relax, gentle listener...chill out and dig. these are all nice tunes for sure.

get it here:


1. gary numan - m.e. (i can't stop listening to this 1979 opus...brilliant)
2. brenda lee - if you love me (really love me)
3. two gospel keys - i don't feel at home in this world anymore
4. able talismans - what was that thing (makes me want to do a new zealand mix..maybe next time)
5. sun city girls - space prophet dogon
6. jacques loussier - generique fin
7. sun ra - satellites are spinning
8. pierre bastien - omajosafir
9. tara jane oneil - howl (first lesbian crush i ever had...she's so amazing. anytime i've chatted with her, i've turned into a blushing blabbering idiot..haha)
10. the homosexuals - neutron lover
11. wire - ex-lion tamer
12. the who - tattoo (been sorta entertaining getting one...had to put this song on here)
13. lo borges - nao foi nada
14. francoise hardy - voila
15. guided by voices - i am a tree
16. tinirawan - oualiha ar tesninam
17. jimmy scott - how deep is the ocean (if you don't know who jimmy scott is, YES, that's a male singing..awesome)
18. the high llamas - track goes by

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hopi Torvald/Single Mothers Split

Here's collaboration #2! This time around, it's a joint effort between myself and my friend Woodruff, aka Single Mothers. He gave me a haunting whispery guitar and vocal track which i HT'd into a bleary racket (track 1) and i sent him a dark synth dirge which he turned into something really beautifully sinister indeed (track 2). i think the songs make for a neat little couplet.

get it here:

thanks, woody!

enjoy! and you cat's keep those tracks coming my way for more collabs!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hopi Torvald Mix 3

this time, it's a metal mix.

get it here:


1. gnaw their tongues - knife...martyr...despair
2. horna - wikinger
3. volahn - uno con kaos
4. de magia veterum - lifting the bridal veil from misantrophy
5. underjordiska - perished in tragic emotion
6. code - the rattle of black teeth
7. leviathan - massive conspiracy against all life
8. mouth of the architect - buried hopes
9. ophiuchus - fallen statues of virtue
10. coldworld - hymn to eternal frost
11. aderlating - rope, pig's blood, dead flesh and two candles
12. alcest - ecailes de lune (part II)
13. necrofrost - steel forests of my deserted dreams
14. enslaved - ground
15. ayat - the fine art of arroganc, pt. 1 (the icon and the cattle)
16. book of sand - crawling through sand, crawling through earth
17. fen - a witness to the passing of aeons
18. lurker of chalice - this blood falls as mortal pt. III

let me know what's been in YOUR ears lately.
again, if anyone has an issue with any of these songs being up, let me know and i'll take them down.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hopi Torvald / Magicicada Split

This is the result of a collaboration between myself and the dashing Mr. Chris White. He sent me a track and i added my two cents (song 1). I sent him a track and he fudded it silly (track 2). Download it here:

Thanks, Magicicada. I love what you do!



Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hopi Torvald Mix 2

Here is yet another mix of some stuff that's been filling my ears with happy times lately...this one was compiled under sleeeeeepy conditions late last night so it may tend to ramble a bit. regardless, it's all good stuff for sure.

get it here:

1. alice coltrane - journey In satchidananda
2. bailter space - the w
3. skeleton crew - dead sleep
4. dara puspita - burung kaga tua
5. nath family - sounds of the indian snake charmer
6. thinking fellers union local 282 - hurricane
7. bobby hutcherson - west 22nd street theme
8. jacula - soul satan
9. the bats - made up in blue
10. vinicius de moraes and baden powell - bocoche
11. bark psychosis - absent friend
12. xtc - roads girdle the globe
13. the better automatic - lunch money
14. kopernik - man, myth and magic
15. dna - not moving
16. uz jme doma - pot
17. terry callier - dancing girl
18. charles mingus - the shoes of the fisherman's wife

again, if anyone has any issues with any of this being posted, let me know and i'll delete.

let me know what's been in YOUR ears!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Collaboration Project

so i have a new party planned and everyone's invited! i want to do 9 minute collaborations with whoever has the gumption. the deal is, i'll send you a 4 1/2 minute track and you provide me with the same. i'll add to yours and you to mine and i'll post the resulting 2 song opus right here. and you can do whatever you want to with it. the point is to collaborate and bathe in the resulting serendipitous sonic pool! so send me your tracks or send me your contact info and i'll send one to YOU. or simply post a link as a comment on this page.

i look forward to whatever comes out of this!