Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hopi Torvald Mix 2

Here is yet another mix of some stuff that's been filling my ears with happy times lately...this one was compiled under sleeeeeepy conditions late last night so it may tend to ramble a bit. regardless, it's all good stuff for sure.

get it here:

1. alice coltrane - journey In satchidananda
2. bailter space - the w
3. skeleton crew - dead sleep
4. dara puspita - burung kaga tua
5. nath family - sounds of the indian snake charmer
6. thinking fellers union local 282 - hurricane
7. bobby hutcherson - west 22nd street theme
8. jacula - soul satan
9. the bats - made up in blue
10. vinicius de moraes and baden powell - bocoche
11. bark psychosis - absent friend
12. xtc - roads girdle the globe
13. the better automatic - lunch money
14. kopernik - man, myth and magic
15. dna - not moving
16. uz jme doma - pot
17. terry callier - dancing girl
18. charles mingus - the shoes of the fisherman's wife

again, if anyone has any issues with any of this being posted, let me know and i'll delete.

let me know what's been in YOUR ears!

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