Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hopi Torvald 2011 Almanac - Volume 6 - June

Hopi Torvald Almanac Vol 6 - June by HopiTorvald

June! It is really early in the month still, but already it promises renewal...i have started a detoxification/cleansing that i hope will last for the rest of the month. This is simply a dietary meat, no wheat, no sweets, no caffeine, no anything...ha...fruits, veggies, nuts, certain grains, fish...all of this supplemented by weekly trips to the sauna and morning bike rides (getting it this week!) this is day seven and right now i just feel a little trippy...apparently this is a phase to push through on the way to more energy, shinier skin, and a clear frame of mind...i'll let you cats know!

so this song is an instrument, one take, no overdubs, a simple exercise in free form melody and texture. it's a rather cheesy cheap trumpet sound with some delays and distortion thrown in hither and tither...this improvised tune serves as a metaphor for the transformations that i'm experiencing right now...i am not certain where they will take me, how it will end, but im improvising my way through it and determined to see what happens...this little song is kinda like that, i guess. a lot different from the other songs i've posted in the almanac, but i think it fits nicely in the canon so far, looking back...

this month's randomly ordered top ten:

1. tree of life - it was a difficult film, but reflecting, i think it was quite brilliant...
eyedrum retreats - scheming and dreaming..fresh stuff ahead
3. these bands/artists: amon tobin, anbb, the caretaker, francois de roubaix, igor wakhevitch, swans, sightings, bjork, etc etc etc
4. eating fire.
5. making smoothies
6. new musical collaborations just getting underway (deets pending)
7. body scrubs at the spa
8. boiled eggs
9. this diet thing, really...i am still in the first week of in that mildly hallucinatory, quick-to-grumpiness frame of mind...weird, but it's making me pay more attention to my body and it's needs.
10. retro-futurism

enjoy the tune and stay in touch.

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