Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hopi Torvald 2011 Almanac - Volume 5 - May

Hopi Torvald Almanac Vol 5 - May by HopiTorvald

May was my birthday month. i just turned a whopping 37 years old....i remember being a kid and thinking that 35 meant "adult". now a shade beyond that and a couple of years older than my dad was when i was born back in 1974...i am reminded of birthdays past...from the sesame street themed party when i was maybe four (and i got my first projectile launching toy), to my 14th or so when i cut my toe on the side of an above-ground swimming pool and saw my first freshly drowned cadaver while getting stitches at the emergency just having some friends over and going skinny dipping in the creek, going fishing with my dad and matthew and his dad...countless little parties and gatherings...birthdays can be fun, can be weird.

this month was a sprawl...played a few shows, met a bunch of new folks, fooled myself into thinking i was making more life changes, and came out of it spent..having indulged and self-destructed just a little too much. had a lot of fun. the birthday itself was a pleasant parents came to visit for the first time and that was really great and needed. then a few close homies came over and we kept good company together. got a couple of nice presents, including tickets to see the swans later this year (!) and a photo of robots!

this song is something i cooked up in early may on piano. i decided to do a more minimal synth version and post that here. there's not much to tell, really...two synthesizers, some drums, and a bit of vocals...a return to song structure as of late probably speaks to my need for more order in my life, something i'm currently working hard toward...june's entry should be more revealing to this end...

this month's randomly ordered top ten:

1. chipmunks
2. eyedrum satellite shows
3. korean spa time
4. planning a september tour
5. center for puppetry arts
6. birthday time with friends
7. these bands/artists: chancha via circuito, kwjaz, modern english, gurdjieff gi, emil richards, fastest, the sea and cake etc etc etc
8. faulkner
9. living alone
10. new kitchen table

anyway, enjoy the tune, be well, and stay in touch.


p.s. i decided to simply post the soundcloud link in the blog this time instead of directing you to mediafire. the song can be downloaded there as well, if you, dear listener, are so inclined.

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