Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hopi Torvald 2011 Almanac - Volume 10 - October

 Hopi Torvald Almanac Vol 10 - October by HopiTorvald

October was a crazy little month for me...kinda flew by.  played a show with tree creature at joe's coffee in EAV which was a ton of fun (mos def wanna bring hopi torvald to that venue)...did some stargazing, spent a lovely day at the hambridge center for creative arts...beautiful day with all kinds of good food/music/entertainment)...had a string of late nights which left me tired and spent...and in need of spa time, and the whole thing ended with a lovely and low-key halloween (the way i dig it) which consisted of dan deacon's comedy tour at eyedrum and a wild night at the gold room (imagine shoulder to shoulder ballers, celebrity rappers in the house, and someone trotting in on a real live horse as part of their costume..ha)...anyway, it flew by...all for the best as it proved cathartic and transmogrifying...

so this song, hot on the heels of last month's 17 minute epic, is a short little ditty...just over two minutes...all about hopefulness, finding joy and peace, and living life...cause nothing gets easier, friends....just different...a subtle loping field recording loop sets the pace for whistling and layers of buzzy synths...that's about it.  a few cymbals and slightly cheesy vocals smooshed in there...

this month's randomly ordered top 10:

1. outdoor  shows
2. meteors!
3. autumn (changing leaves, cooler weather, the holy amalgamation not being so sweltering anymore...)
4. pumpkin stuff
5. secret chiefs, michael white, ornette coleman, gospel hymns, drones on all fronts, talking heads, stereolab, dumb top 40 dance songs, rhys chatham, noise, scrapes, and field recordings of owls, wolves, loons, and simians!
6. sauna time
7. harmonic frequencies and sound therapy
8. putting out a cassette in the upcoming months
9. halloween
10. recording and mastering for friends

anyway, hope your october was smashing (pumpkins), enjoy the tune, and keep in touch.

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