Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hopi Torvald 2011 Almanac - Volume 8 - August

i hope the tip end of august is finding you well. this month has been flat and uninspired, mostly. it's funny how ups and downs happen within such short spans.

this song is a reflection on the mundane and sedentary past four weeks....now i'm not going to complain too horribly much, lest my year-end reflection be one of regret and stimulated woe at a pretty bad time all around. all i will say to this end is that prescription sedatives are helpful but kinda icky...and that i get to have my brain scanned on friday (this is a positive thing, in that i may be able to procure a snapshot of my inner grey slop)!

the good is that i've been privy to a lot of neat things...events, music, friends, family, new homies...hearing is back to a large degree, but not quite there. keep to my left ear and you should be fine...i worry that i ask folks to repeat things too often or don't hear things that i'm supposed to be hearing, but again, the plus is that i have an excuse and if anyone gets snarky, i can just pretend i didnt hear it.

this song is a drone...a singular note copied 9 times overlain with 3 tracks of ambience accumulated from my screened in porch while sitting out in my skivvies. it is all about the flatness and numbness...towards the end, a 4-note chord emerges...one note at a time..signaling a hesitant hopefulness and a return to a clean empowerment of body and mind...exactly what i am looking to achieve/regain over the next few weeks.

this month's randomly ordered top 10:

1. contact staff - i finally lit my staff up (thanks, sadie) and twirled it around a bit. nothing like wooshing fire sounds...
2. first aerial performance with likeminded peers at the goat farm as a supplement to the fascinating david dove/miss yet trombone/bellydance duo from texas
3. medieval times (nuff said)
4. catsitting
5. purling
6. upcoming shows with tree creature and as hopi torvald (playing with sudden infant and bryan lewis saunders at 529 in sept. raaad)
7. seeing the swans in a couple of weeks!
8. these bands/artists: arvo part, brian eno, eddie south, elisabeth waldo, gary newman, the grateful dead, xenakis, mahmoud ahmed etc. etc. etc.
9. MRI on friday! i've been researching how it works and what it entails. i'm hoping they let me listen to music and that they will let me have a pic
10. bears

enjoy the tune and stay in touch.

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