Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hopi Torvald 2011 Almanac - Volume 2 - February

here is volume II of the hopi torvald 2011 almanac...just did beat march to the end of february. This month has been kind of a mess...suffered a concussion with some minor brain hemorrhaging just at the end of january in what i'm just going to call a trapeze accident. this resulted in a bout of cranial discomfort, a couple of doctor visits, and worse of all, a cloudy shade of fuzziness that has tinted my grey matter an unreasonable azure. mix in some stressish work stuffs, many restless nights and lamenting my unrealized career as a saboteur and you got yerself a mudfangled 20 some-odd days. not all complaints, however, as i've been privy to many a happy rendezvous with people i care about, made some new homies, been involved in some new mastering projects, and have really been working on relaxing into my, the head's getting better...

this song, february, is a microcosmic representation of my month. it is comprised of a batch of field recordings i made at the doctor's office after my accident (the loomingly loud clock ticking in the office, the sound of rubber being stretched around my arm in preparation for the drawing of blood, the sound of distant office doors slamming, various bumps, scrapes, and ambient small room claustrophobia), sounds from the water fountain at the plaza theater, some manipulated synthesizer sounds, live percussion, and some vocals on top not unlike a little pat of butter on a thick slice of warm egyptian rye. all of this was assembled, mixed and mastered at the holy amalgamation of his majesty's kingdom on earth (hit us up on foursquare..haha) it's a little more tense and insular than january's entry, but again, i think it's appropriate for the way this month has been goin. btw, the faintly heard mantra is "loading (sweetly) physical geometry"...

so, on my mind right now, this 27th day of february...this month's randomly ordered top ten list:

1. throwing them as a late christmas present. (the artwork that accompanies this song is the result of today's practice)
2. mastering new tracks for several different friends. not sure if i can really divulge everything at this point...i'll just say that im lucky to be working on some really cool music projects.
3. these bands/musicians: tim hecker, dolphins into the future, alog, america, the church, can, old depeche mode, gino bordin, english beat, magic apron, dead fader etc etc etc
4. al jazeera news. although this has been a big part of my work stress this month, i've become happily familiar with this network and am kinda glad to be part of a team that's bringing it to a wider american audience.
5. mochi
6. aerial jam - an open format gathering where a messa folks get together and mess around on aerial equipment. been learning stuff on the aerial silks and making some new homies along the way.
7. bbc's documentaries the planets and the human body. stuck on brit docs lately.
8. hints of warm weather. means short pants, short sleeves, maybe getting a bicycle, and that timothy's little cat girlfriends are starting to show up outside...producing the gnarliest little caterwauls for his benefit. i let him out to flirt since he's all fixed and stuff.
9. more piano dialy
10. slew of upcoming performances, collaborations and releases, including the first proper hopi torvald full length...due in may!

anyway, enjoy yourselves. hope your february was a riot.

download the song here:

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