Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hopi Torvald Mix 1

So i decided to make start making some mix tape kinda things on here...just to share...and hopefully you'll share some music with me, too! please do...let me know what you've been listening to.

this is a snippet of some stuff i've been listening to lately. it's just in alphabetical order and is pretty all over the place.. download the .zip file and enjoy! it's all good stuff!

get it here:

1. asa chang and junray - senaka
2. astrud gilberto with walter wendalay - tristeza (goodbye sadness)
3. babe ruth - the mexican
4. bill fay - omega day
5. celso murilo - look for star
6. chant of the magic healer, recorded in the amazon, 1912
7. cybe - kupu, kupu, kupu
8. delia derbyshire - sea
9. dwaram venkataswa - Raghuvamsa Sudha
10. fanzine - llegas tarde
11. graeme revell - the sleeping sickness
12. haitian vodou (from spirits of life) - erzulie - ti jean
13. lars hollmer - inga pengar
14. milton nascimento - faixa
15. roberto cacciapaglia with anne steel - find your way
16. space art - juares
17. sven libaek - music for eels
18. xex - st. vitus' dance

if you want to know more or whatever, just ask. also, if anyone has an issue with any of this being here for download, let me know and i'll take it down.

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